BIG (second interview) Network Engineer job need advice ASAP!!!

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BIG Company. Here are the details, First interview was all behavior questions 45 minutes. This Second interview is supposed to be a hour, more behavior and some technical......Any idea what they might ask?

Individuals in the Networking job family are primarily responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting network systems. They participate in capacity planning, support the creation and the maintenance of network disaster recovery plans, and monitor all network performance activities. They also screen the network for attempted intrusions as well as design and implement appropriate network security measures and procedures. Individuals are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of network services software and the analysis of network performance. They are routinely involved with the configuration and maintenance of physical and logical network components. They also provide support for network issues that come through the customer service center. Senior professionals within this job family are additionally involved with planning and designing the network infrastructure and enterprise network solutions. Individuals act as project team members or leaders, depending on the scope of the project. They demonstrate a high level of knowledge surrounding general networks and display strong troubleshooting skills. Individuals are also skilled in the use of network diagnostic tools and software aids for the investigation of network problems.

Major Duties/Responsibilities

Responsible for troubleshooting, installing, implementing, administering, and maintaining network systems and providing Tier I support. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: Design, Monitoring, Integration, and Support/Maintenance. Provides support for network connectivity or related network issues for the user community. Learns how to troubleshoot and diagnose common network problems. Installs, configures, and maintains network components with assistance from the team. Monitors network activity and logs network problems. Implements predetermined software or hardware changes to rectify any network issues. Assists with monitoring facilities bandwidth requirements and schedules requests for bandwidth. Assists in disaster recovery plans by executing network test plans. Assesses network performance to ensure that it meets the present and future needs of the enterprise. Implements network security procedures. Sometimes provides timely and complete project status reports to supervisor as requested.


Tracks escalated problems of technical support. Asks for root causes. Sets up and integrates new and enhanced information systems. Identifies customer needs and determines the appropriate approach to ensure resolution. Solicits the input of appropriate technical experts and managers.

Accountability, Initial Analytical Thinking, Communications, Learning, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Process Orientation.


Associate's degree in technical discipline preferred or equivalent experience required.


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    Anything on your resume is fair game. I'd just focus to what's on there. And anything you don't know, say you don't know. When you answer questions you don't know as if you do there's no recovery... I liken IT interviews to street fights, you're defending yourself. Always make sure to counter with something you do know if you're stumped or note your experience on subject matter related to the question.
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    Sounds like a NOC position, so I wouldn't expect it to be too technical. Probably a broad range of questions, but nothing too deep.
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