any moderator can explain to me..!

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my post was deleted few min. ago...and i need to know y plz!
thank u!


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    this is the first post i have seen written by you in this forum.
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    Maybe because you posted 9 actual exam questions for our moderators to answer. icon_wink.gif
    You can discuss the concepts to find out what the answers to your questions should be and we will be glad to help you out. But please do not post actual multiple choice questions for us to verify.
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    But you probably already knew since you tried the same somewhere else:

    Jason Spraque at wrote:

    Those questions are from the real exam.
    Please do not post them on our site!!!

    Do you realize that we can get in trouble for that?

    If you were not aware that this was the case, then I only fault your idiot instructors. If you really are taking a class somewhere, I would ask for my money back and go somewhere else..

    I couldn't agree more. Especially if your instructors cannot explain the most frequent problem in IPX/SPX networks...

    icon_idea.gif You might want to learn instead of cheating...
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    i apologise coz i never took the exam b4..!
    i will get back to the instructors who provided me with these q's!
    again i did not mean it..i hope u understand! icon_cry.gif
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    You should get back to the instructors. What type of class are you taking?

    In my days as a trainer I spoke to many people who have tried bootcamps. Some of these bootcamps make you read a load of material in the first couple of days and then pass out braindumps to boost up the overall passing rate, which they can use to promote their bootcamps.
    This gives you a very 'fair' chance to pass... but will you be able to perform on the job?
    (How will you solve the IPX/SPX problem even if you know the answer is D? icon_wink.gif )

    Take a look at this:

    If you actually got these questions from an instructor at a Certified Technical Education Center you should report it to CompTIA. (Especially when it uses one of the logos: )
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