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Just passed the A+ Core exam.

Missed a question about FRUs. What are "FRUs"?

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    Congrats though ;)
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    FRU's are "field replaceable units". In other words they are parts that are repalceable onsite. For instance, this eliminates the need of sending the equipment to the manufacturer for a simple nic card replacement.
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    for example, memory is a FRU, but a power supply fan is not.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    The entire power supply, on the other hand, is ;)
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    anything that you can carry in your car is an fru, basically. the likes of hard drives, though easy to carry, are not considered an fru, as it is not always convenient to install the operating system, drivers, software, etc of a client at call-out rates.
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