WGU BSIT: network administration finished!

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I'm soooo happy! I can't wait to get it in paper. Anyone walking in ATL in february??
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    Can you give some more details? How long did it take? What did you think of the program? Any bad experiences? any advice?


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    Nice... I'm walking in feb
    wgu undergrad: done ... woot!!
    WGU MS IT Management: done ... double woot :cheers:
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    Congrats! Way to go!
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    Congrats @coty24 and @demonfurbie for walking the talk! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on graduating!
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    ajs1976 wrote: »
    Can you give some more details? How long did it take? What did you think of the program? Any bad experiences? any advice?


    I thought the program as a whole was great as a whole; I will answer your questions the best I can.

    --How long did it take?

    I had a couple of credits transfer in, but not a lot; I had roughly 84 CU's I had to do to graduate. It took about 1 year and 6 months to complete = 3 terms.

    3 terms = 9000.00 dollars

    --What did I think of the program?

    I thought the whole program was well laid out, methodical and excellent for someone already in IT but needs a degree to get past the HR filter.

    The classes like the program states, are at the pace of the student; the completion on each class is based on competency.

    --Any bad experiences?

    The bad:

    The number one bad thing has to be taskstream. You are at their mercy to grade your paper, project, etc. Sometimes it can take in the upwards of 5 days to come back with a response. That response could be a kick back of your work, then another 2-3 days for a response and /or completion of work.

    The second thing is the pre-assessment with Ucertify that is mandatory before your receive a voucher. The tests are ridiculously hard and the student has to score 85 or better in order to receive a voucher.

    For one test, CIW Javascript cert, I made a 50 something on the final practice test. I paid for my voucher out of pocket and scored a 98% on the actual cert. I knew my stuff obviously, Ucertify didn't think so. I get the fact that a test taker wants to be ready for an exam. In the accelerated learning process, this methodology didn't really fit; the fact that I had to wait until Ucertify saw that I was ready.

    Other than that, there really isn't any issues with the learning process. Excellent if I may add.

    The actual learning resources were top notch (to me). I studied the final math class for 4 months for these reasons:

    I was never good at math, never learned the foundational concepts of it.
    I WANTED to be good at math; not to be scared of it; I conquered my fear and I am no longer scared of it!


    If you have any other targeted questions I will be happy to answer them!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I love this forum!
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    Nice... I'm walking in feb

    Sweet! I'll see you there!
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