*Sigh of relief*

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After 7 interviews, two of which I was under-qualified for, yet still received an interview for, I have landed a job. It will be my first job with technical experience. I was contacted on Friday and told that my interview had gone very well and that a formal offer was being prepared for the first of the year. I feel as though I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Not only will it be a decently paid job, it will offer opportunity to travel (possibly intercontinental) in order to support end-users. It's a small security company based outside the U.S. with the only American office located here in the Twin Cities. It will consist mainly of supporting the use of our products (troubleshooting network connections and GSM issues), our local office network/client machines, and possibly supporting proprietary security software. The position will offer a variety of experiences, much opportunity for growth, and from what I gathered, the work environment was phenomenal. Everybody had a wonderful attitude, and seemed to love their job.

I am inexplicably excited.

Also, anyone know if I can work with this job and have in count towards experience for the CISSP?


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    Congrats on the job man!
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