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I will be starting BSIT in Feb 2013. i am trying to find out how tough are the testing out exams for like A+, Network+, Project+....

I already have these certs, but my problem is that i took these back in 2002 so they are not trasnsfereable.

does anyone have example of these testing out exams?

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  • YuckTheFankeesYuckTheFankees Member Posts: 1,281 ■■■■■□□□□□
    What do you mean by "testing out exams"?
  • MSP-ITMSP-IT Member Posts: 752 ■■■□□□□□□□
    You should be able to transfer in the certifications if they are still valid.
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    MSP-IT wrote: »
    You should be able to transfer in the certifications if they are still valid.

    Yep, it's not hard at all.
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    so i have two options...either i renew my cert with new version because my certs are more then 5 yrs old...WGU will NOT accept them.

    i was told i can test out of class and take the exam....

    does this make sense?
  • YuckTheFankeesYuckTheFankees Member Posts: 1,281 ■■■■■□□□□□
    WGU does have a policy where your certifications will not count if they are 5 years old. So the OP would need to retake all of the certifications he passed in 2002.
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    There is no "testing out" of any exam at WGU. Basically, once you pass a pre-assessment, you can then schedule the actual exam, and you can do that without cracking open a single book.

    This applies to both general ed classes, and 3rd party vendor certification exams. My strategy for all of my courses was to take the pre-assessment, see what areas i was weak in, then spend a few days focusing on preparing for those areas. Except for a few of the MCITP:EA exams, I was able to pass pretty much all the pre-assessments on the first try, then pass the real exam within a week.
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    I believe WGU only accepted certs within a five year window. If they are older than 5 years, which in your case they are........ you will need to re-take the exams.
  • Cisc0kiddCisc0kidd Member Posts: 250
    coty24 wrote: »
    Yep, it's not hard at all.

    Nope. If they are over 5 years old you have to retake the exams.
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    You don't "test out" of courses at WGU--if it's a course that requires you to pass a cert (such as A+, Network+, etc.), passing that cert is the course. It's not testing out, it's the only way to get credit for that course.
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    The positive part of having those certs, even though they are older, is that with the knowledge you have, you can move through the courses quicker than someone just starting out. I'd do the pre-assessment for all those courses to gauge where you are. If you get high marks, then brush up on the weak areas and schedule the exam. Make sure your mentor knows you have older versions of the certs and they should be more lenient about going through all the course of study stuff.
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