Transitioning from Service Desk Manager to Access Management Manager (What to expect)

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I've done some access management in the past, but it's been since 2008 and never with AD, Mainframe, Unix, etc

I was wondering if anyone could talk to the differences between the two. I am gaining more confidence but still am full of uncertainty. (Nothing crippling)
  • How will the two differ?
  • What are the similiarities?
  • What are the differences?
  • Where can you go from here?
  • In this world is there less chaos or more?
  • You know I gotta ask (what certs align with this role)?
Thanks for answering any of the questions in advance. If you have any additional information to add that I failed to ask please provide that as well.

Thanks a lot gang. I appreciate all of your wonderful experience. It's just a great feeling to be around likeminded people.


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    If I had to guess, I would imagine that from a management perspective, it would be very similar. The challenges with employee retention, customer satisfaction (internal or external), capacity/performance management are all going to be translated into your new job.

    If your company is regulated or handle regulated information, one big difference is probably increased auditing and scrutiny, so your audit management processes would need to be in good shape. in you case, it's not only having metric reports but actual evidence to substantiate your control objectives.

    Certs that best align with the role would be CISSP and CISM. if you deal with regulated data - CIPP. if you deal with card-holder data, I believe there is a new PCI cert in the works which could be applicable.
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    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Good information, I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to respond to this important question.

    The industry is health care so HIPAA is obviously a big deal. CIPP looks interesting. What's your thoughts of CIPP?
    Hope you have a great new years.

    Kind regards,
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