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I'm a danish IT-Supporter student currently facing another 1½ year of my education before i'm heading off to look for a job. (Curious: I'm not familiar with the US education system. Do you have an education similiar to this?)

Its a 2½ years education taking you through the basics of network (CCNA), Linux, Windows (Server & Desktop), Databases, ITIL and so on. Long story short: You should be able to manage a helpdesk and not much more than that.

I do not wish to be the regular student that goes through this education thinking they are top of the field for finishing the education. I want to put time and effort into my education as long as i can, and while i still live at home and therefore have the time for it.

I don't have any subject within IT that interests me more than others, however i really wanna get into something unique where there might be need of people rather than being one of a million with the same knowledge. I've got a trainee job in a networking company starting next year therefore it would be quite obvious to start preparing for this job opportunity, and study networking. But are there any jobs once im finish with my education? And how much does companies require of their networking people? Ive already been told that they expect me to get a CCNA whilst working for them. Personally i'm hoping to go even further and get a CCNP or maybe some Wireless and IP-Phone certs.

Another thing ive been thinking of is Linux. For years ive been told that the IT field is in need of linux experts, and if you know your **** you can basicly pick between multiple companies. Is this true? In fact how much do you need to know being a linux server administrator? I'm having troubles finding information on how to become one. Hoping to find someone within this community that might be working as a linux sys admin to hand out some tips and feedback.


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    I'm not familiar with the Danish education system, but 2 and half years sounds like a diploma rather than a bachelors.

    Your best bit is to find a part-time job. Try to get your foot in the door doing anything IT-related. If you can find summer work or an internship, that's even better. But don't wait, try to get a part-time job for the time being.

    Learning Linux is not an easy road, but it's an interesting one if you enjoy it. There's a demand for "good" IT professionals in all fields, and Linux is one of them. You need to get your foot in the door.

    Get your CCNA, but don't think about CCNP before your get a networking job and have the necessary experience to back it up. There's nothing worse than a paper-certified CCNP/MCSE who doesn't have real world experience.

    Certifications wise, for Linux start with Linux+ but make RHCSA and RHCE your ultimate goal. Start right now, install Linux on VMware, get a Linux+ book and start messing around icon_wink.gif

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    I'am also interested at these job oppurtunities. I will take my ccna this 3rd week of January and planning to continue my study for the CCNP. I would be graduating on march and I'am planning not to find a job yet until I got my CCNP cert, which I plan to take it around November-December. The experience I only got was to configure a router and switch (I don't know the model, it was for education purpose). I practice configuring using packet tracer and GNS3.

    what can you advice for me to have a better chance of landing a network admin job? experience or have an CCNP cert?
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    Keep studying for the CCNP, but experience is a must. Land an entry level networking job and move up from there

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