NOC Engineer IBM

Well everyone, after being very busy with work, I am finally getting back on here to give an update on myself. The good news is I have obtained a NOC engineer position with IBM and this will move me away from supporting a corporate LAN environment with JPM Chase and move me to supporting a corporate WAN environment with IBM. I will be supporting things such as VSAT, MPLS, Implementing various routing protocols and provisioning data circuits, as well as ASA and PIX on the security side. I believe there is some support with vlan tagging and layer 1,2 and 3 troubleshooting also. More good news is that moving between these jobs has provided me with a very nice raise in salary to my goal of the $60k range at 24 years old. Now for the bad news, I should have completed my CCNP by now but I have sadly procrastinated. I finished my CCNP switch in October and still have route and tshoot to go so I am behind on those goals but on the other hand, it might be a nice achievement to save for recognition at IBM. The biggest difference is going to be my shifts of 12hrx3day shift and 12hrx4day shift weeks that I will work but new experiences are a good thing. Happy New Years everyone! icon_wink.gif
(CCNP: Switch) Passed!
(CCNP: Route) Goal: 11/15/12 Progress: 75%
(CCNP: TShoot) Goal: 12/15/12 Progress: ​50%
(Perl Scripting) Ongoing :study:


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