Both exams at once?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently studying for my A+ but the only problem is the closest PearsonVue is almsost 4 hours away meaning for me to go and get my A+,N+ and S+ it makes it very expensive, especially since some of them are 2 exams which means 2 vouchers for that one cert.

Do you guys do both exams all at once or 1 at a time?


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    When I think back to my A+ track, I remember thinking that I could have taken both tests that same day and probably been OK. Just make sure that you have studied enough to feel confident going in.
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    I did mine at separate times, about a month apart, although I'm sure you could do them both at the same time to be honest, and know people that have without too much trouble!
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    I plan to knock mine out at the same time within the next 30 days. I have to take off work to take the exam so I'd rather take off one day than 2.
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    Take them both at the same time. 4 hours one way is a long drive. Just take a little extra time to study and make sure you are prepared for both.
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    Yes I agree do both on the same day in your situation as 4 hours is a long drive but make sure you take some snacks with you too for fuel and have a reasonable gap between both exams so you have time to take a break.
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    As the answers show, people do it both ways so there isn't a single answer that fits all situations.

    For some people, this is the first certification exam they've ever taken and they aren't familiar with the experience. By the time the first exam is over, they are wiped out and not ready to sit another exam.

    For other people, they are familiar with the experience either by taking other exams or through a lot of studying with people that have gone through it. When people are well prepared for the exams, taking them both at the same time is a breeze.

    It sounds like it would be most cost effective to do both on the same day for you since it is 4 hours away. Other people have done it and if you go into it well prepared, you can do it too.

    Good luck.
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    or. drive the 4 hours. check into a hotel. take one exam. wake up. pass the other test and go home.

    as confident as i am, i dont think i could knock both out the same day. but i lose focus easily.
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    y0itzflip wrote: »
    or. drive the 4 hours. check into a hotel. take one exam. wake up. pass the other test and go home.

    as confident as i am, i dont think i could knock both out the same day. but i lose focus easily.
    OP is concerned about the cost of travel; therefore, hotel is likely not an option.

    I wouldn't want to do both tests in the same day but as others on here have stated, many people take both tests on the same day & do well.
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    I took them both on the same day. If you're prepared then it's not an issue. One thing you can do is schedule the second exam 2 hours after your first one. Go out and take a breather. Grab some food, then come back and finish the second one.
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    I have always recommended to take both the same day. In the field when you work with this technology, you need to think through BOTH methodologies until you resolve are you going to work the hardware side or the software side. And five minutes later your next call may be the other. Point being, the material works hand-in-hand frequently and you don't usually get to decide if you are only working hardware or only working software...and some problems are BOTH.

    If you have real working experience, there is definitely no reason to take them days or weeks apart. Take them, pass them, be done and move forward.
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    I did both in the same day. Easily doable if prepared.
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    I took my 30 minutes after each other. I personally didn't see much diffence between the tests. I know how you feel though I live in Jacksonville and the nearest A+ testing center was Palm Coast (nearly 50minutes away) at the time. Took one, had lunch at Mcdonalds and went back and took the other.
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    There is alot of overlap. I took 3 or 4 days in between exams.
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    I did both in the same day, had a 2 hour break in for lunch and to look over notes. I will say my brain was mush afterwards, but a lot of it was undue stress I put on myself.
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    I did 801 then took a 5 minute break and did 802. I was the only one taking an exam there that day so they set my next one up immediately after though it was scheduled like 2 hours later. Doesn't make much of a difference if your ready for the exam just get it done.
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    I was prepared to take them the same day but my vouchers got messed up so I could only take one. Waiting for my discount voucher from the tech to take the second. Passed the Essentials fairly easily. Be sure to read the questions and understand what they are asking. If you rush through by taking two you may get more wrong.
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