CCENT Registered for Thur 1/31

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Hi Everybody,
Well its official, i have registered for the ccent. I have studied non-stop for 3 months. I have made flash cards, read Odom backwards and forwards, pounded the Pearson DVD practice exams. I have pounded the subnetting practice websites. I can think of so many reasons that i'll pass, and i can think of so many tough questions that they can ask. I am really nervous about this. It is time to see what i am made of.

I'm sure i'll have more questions for you before Thursday.



  • palitpalit Member Posts: 96 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I have mine scheduled on the same day.Failed CCNA composite exam once already..want to pass this one at any cost...good luck to you man and to myself!!
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    Good Luck Node Man!
    and palit, good luck to you as well
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    Goodluck Node!!
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    Good luck node man. Don't stress, you sound well prepared.
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    Good luck, write down your subnets and CIDR notations on your pad before starting the test to help where you need to subnet

    I wrote mine down like this during my tests

    /30 (4)
    /29 ( 8 )
    /28 (16)
    /27 (32)
    /26 (64)

    All the way down to /16 then when anything came up, even though I knew it, it was the actual test so I double checked regardless by looking over and scanning the pad. lol

    Good luck!
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    Good luck to you!
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