VUE or Prometric?

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Is there any difference in whether it's a VUE testing center or a Prometric?
I mean, the test is the same, right?


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    Doesn't matter really where you take the exams. It depends entirely on your preference and which is most convenient for you. I live in Switzerland. Though prometric was my first choice but due to logistics i settled for VUE and I must say it was ok...both are adaptive makes no difference!!!!
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    they are the same exams, it's just like ordering a book from amazon or barnes and noble. i am not sure if prometric and vue sell the exams at the same prices as each other, but you normally find that promotion codes given by publishers or websites only work with one or the other
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    The exam costs the same at Vue & Prometric, however discount vouchers are provider specific.
    For most people it is which is handier, however I do know a few people who would rather drive an hour to say a Vue center because they don't like their local Prometric - and vice versa. Some centers are great with the way they make you welcome and others are a nightmare. Also some centers are located where it is difficult to find parking, or perhaps near say a school where there is lots of noise from class bells etc. I remember one across the road from a fire station - just great having a load siren go off across the road when you are stressing over the last 5 questions with 2 minutes to go .... lol
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