What type of job/salary to chase after?

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For the past two years I have been a network administrator for a very large organization. In a month or so, I will be moving on to be a system admin for two more years. Tomorrow I take ICND-2 and will have my CCNA. I also have my Security+. I will be leaving the organization I'm with in 2016. I'm hoping to have CCNA Security/Voice/Wireless, CCNP R&S, and CISSP by the time I leave. I love networking and that is solely the thing I would like to work with. What type of salary can I expect to be making, and what type of job should I try to go after? I know doing purely networking won't likely be my job.
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    A CCNP + CISSP can make 80-120k++ i add the extra +'s because i've seen NP that go very high up (some struggle alot with the CCIE even though they have 15+ years of experience). And with just a CCNA you can also reach 80k+ it all has to do with the years of experience.

    You can also only work on network gear if that's what you want - i think the best chances of doing this is to work for a Cisco gold partner. If you work for a gold partner as a network engineer all you'll do is touch network equipment.
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