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First post. Spent the last couple hours reading a lot of the threads on the front page and already feel like I have a better understanding of where I want to go next but I could use some specific advice.

Quick background:
Current experience: 2.5years exp.
First 2 at a small MSP started out as a Systems Integrator. Spent my final 6 months as head Project Manager and was officially titled "Service Manager". Spent most of my time on server's, firewalls, and networking. Also very involved on the business side. I have been at my current job (also a small MSP) for 6 months and have a more general role as a tier 2 system engineer. Limited firewall / networking work. More general PC / help-desk work.

Education: B.S. in Computer Science. Working towards a M.S. in Information
Technology Management about 6 months left. Software Engineering certification.

I have no further certifications.

I lost my previous job due to a restructuring of the organization. I was offered a ownership share but turned it down due to various reasons. I am not happy with my current job. Not challenging enough, poor work environment, and little room for growth. I stuck with an MSP for the breadth of networks you encounter. I also really enjoyed the business side which I do not get to experience.

I currently work about 50 hours a week (normally more) and make $44k a year currently without the possibility for a bonus. It puts food on the table but its tight.

I enjoy PM work. I also really enjoy recommending technology solutions to clients and designing networks around defined requirements. Finally... I also enjoy being hands on and while I am not always overly technical I do want this to be a part of my day-to-day life.

Question: Where do I go next? I had intended on getting my CCNA as this tends to be the go-to network cert. From there I am lost... I will not be at my current position for long but would like to secure at least a single cert. before moving on.

Any assistance would be helpful. I apologize for the long rambling post.


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    What is your passion subject area? What interests you? Servers, Networking, PM? Pick a road, then find something to specialize in. Or you could pick two subjects. For me its Network with Security. FW's and CISSP/CEH stuff.
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    Thanks for the comment.

    I really enjoy networking/security. Having done a little bit of everything it is the most interesting bit of IT for me. I also really enjoy Project Management and want to be in upper management sooner than latter.

    Is it possible to pursue both the technical and management side or would I really need to pick one and begin getting certs for that path?
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