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Hey guys last week I dedicated a day to searching for a cyber security Masters that had a direction more into penetration testing. Most were just computer science with specialization in cyber security with a class or 2 that were related to penetration testing. Then I stumbled upon this University of Washington Bothell . And I wanted to get a few others opinion if this is more in direction that I have been thinking. I believe it is, but I'm not a 100% sure. Thanks for any replies in advance!


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    That degree cost 45,000+, so you might want to look else where.
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    Have you looked at MSIA - Master of Science in Information Assurance - Dakota State University? Cost is reasonable and the curriculum is pretty nice. I'm starting the graduate certificate program at the end of this month.
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    Thanks @dbrink! I'm looking at it right now, and now I have something to compare to the Washington one. I'm liking the Dakota State one more for the fact that not only does it have defensive/offensive classes in the required Core Classes, but they also have more (in the ethical hacking certificate) that if I decide to get there use those three classes as my electives. Thank you so much for replying I love the fact I have more options I plan to keep looking but those are my top two choices now with Dakota on top!
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    Does not UW have a much higher reputation than DSU in CS?
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    It does but I'm still weighing the options though I would prefer Washington, but all depends what happens in the future.
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    @Arod95 - check out the topic - I've posted a bunch of schools with cyber/IA offerings - you might find something else there that will meet your requirements.
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    Also, check out Iowa State University. They have a pretty solid program and it's a Tier 1 university.
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