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I just started a new job but always like to update resume while I finish or accomplish something. Anyways.. my company is currently upgrading a client to windows server 2012 where I'm located and the system administrator who was upgrading he domain controller to 2012 wasn't really sure about the steps on doing it. I'm currently studying for the server 2012 exam so I knew how to do it and we worked together to upgrade the Domain and Forest together. He was inputting the commands but I was helping with the articles and commands he had to put in. Can you say I assisted with the upgrades to windows 2012 server or no? I mean I knew how to do it and he was relaying on me through the process of upgrading. I didn't oversee the outcome since my shift ended..

Anyways the question is should I add it to my resume or not? I don't think I will have the chance to upgrade any but I will work on the windows server 2012 through my job. What do you guys think?


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    Well you did assist with the install and you were getting paid, and it was part of your job, and it seems that without your help it wouldn't have gotten to the point of where he was before you left, I wouldn't blow it up as you did a full migration, but since your not lying and you did get some experience in assisting the Administrator, i don't see how you couldn't use that as experience.
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    I think you should definitely include it. Don't make it look like you oversaw the entire thing solo, but don't simply use the word "assist" either. You didn't simply "assist" - he relied on you to get the project rolling, even if he finished it on his on after you left.

    Edit: I'm simply put on your resume that you did it.
    If asked on an interview, say that your supervisor was having trouble but you were studying the material at the time and had the knowledge. Because of your help, he was able to accomplish the task.
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