VPN - how to practice connecting etc ?

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Is there some way of practising logging onto a VPN ?

From a home user perspective so no corporate resources

I'm thinking a public one thats available ?

not sure i'm making complete sense but hopefully one of you guys will help

I'm okay with VMware ISOs to run O/s for the normal things but not sure
on this type of thing

maybe a Virtual Lab ?



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    You can run a Cisco ASA in GNS3 as well as a client machine to connect via VPN, but I'm not sure why you want practice "logging into a VPN".
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    I am struggling to understand this as well. Perhaps you intend to set up a VPN server and want to test it? Please elaborate. Else I just assume log in and out of windows a few times as it would be exactly the same.
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    I think I'm looking for the practical logging into a VPN to help retain or add to the theory I have learned

    I'm ok on the theory part but that whole area is a bit "dry" as you don't really see the ins and outs
    once you have connected

    maybe i've just proved I don't need to connect !
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    Most generic routers include some sort of VPN server. I know most of the Linsys/Netgear models you can buy at Walmart will have a basic PPTP, L2TP VPN server. If you have an old computer laying around, you could install PFSense/Monowall and setup a VPN server.
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