Leaving a new job quickly?

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I'm currently working in IT, but job hunting for a new position. I have a good lead for a security position but it might take a few months until that happens. A friend works there and he said they don't even normally contact the people back for up to 2 months until after the application. Then the interview process, etc, even then it's not guaranteed.

Anyway, I found another position, it's more of a generalist type position but it's a very large pay increase from what I'm doing now and I'm very qualified for the role and have some unique experience in my background that would likely make me more appealing than most others applying there.

My question, is if I go for this 2nd job, and start, then if the more preferred job comes knocking a few weeks later... how bad is that? Traditionally I tend to stay at companies a long time so hopping around isn't something I normally do but I also want to move up in my career. If you ended up taking another job less than a month after your first one would you even list that on your resume in the future? For reference I have 10+ years in IT so it's not like I'd NEED to list them as experience.



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    Life is short.

    If the situation happens and you want to jump ship, just make sure you don't burn any bridges. Also consider not putting the few weeks or 1 month on your resume.
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    I just went through this personally. I took a job that I knew I was over qualified for and slightly below what I was looking to make pay-wise. I took it because I needed the job and I was new to the area. Two weeks later, one of the other jobs I interviewed for calls back offering 20k more. I felt horrible, but I went into my supervisor's office and told him the situation. There was no way I could turn down that kind of pay raise. You have to look out for yourself and your family before anything else. Did I burn a bridge? Probably. But I am willing to bet nearly anyone else in my position would have done the same thing. All things considered, I should have probably held out a couple more weeks for all the companies I interviewed with to get back to me. I was just eager to get back to work.
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    LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
    Yeah, no great answer to this one. Having gaps or short term positions on the resume is a sure way to invite questions during future interviews, so consider how you might explain that in the future. But, if the new gig is too good to pass up, just stay there a few years to negate the other short term stint.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    I do not mind people who do this as long as it is not a trend. One instance of this in an otherwise steady employment history means nothing if you can explain it factually. If I ever had to do it, I wouldn't over think it or feel bad. Let it be because my dream job called or because the new job wasn't what I expected, I would move on without hesitating. It's a business decision, nothing personal. Just don't make a habit out of it.
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    If its for an advancement in responsibility or pay, it should be fine.

    I left my last job after 3 months despite being under contract for 1 year because the new opportunity paid over double and had more responsibilities and better duties (help desk vs something with way more priority and visibility).

    However, if it becomes a trend, employers may begin to look at you cautiously because they may feel that they could be left too after a little while.
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