Programming Skills in IT

In what areas should one know programming? I'm planning to get into an area of IT that requires a bit of programming, but not as much as in software development. My guess is in areas such as network (socket) programming and database administration, coding skills are important. These are two areas I'm considering going into.


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    AkaricloudAkaricloud Member Posts: 938
    While you don't necessarily need strong a strong programming skill set, it will definitely help you if you have one.

    In my Systems Administrator job I was constantly writing batch and PowerShell scripts that made my life much simpler. In my current role working with large systems and databases I end up writing bits of code here and there in C#, SQL, Hive, PowerShell, Unix Shell and probably some Java soon.
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    ptilsenptilsen Member Posts: 2,835 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Just having a broad understanding of elementary concepts will get you pretty far in any area of IT infrastructure. You don't need to understand pointers or in C. You do need to understand looping, conditionals, procedures/functions/methods, regex, piping, arrays, variables, parameters and so on. The stuff that you learn in your introductory Java courses applies to most coding you'll do in any field that involves any coding. You'll need to learn features and syntax of other languages as you need them, but you don't need to seek one out and specialize in it.
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