Best Possible way to gain real time experience in windows system administration!

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Hi guys!

I am looking for a System admin role quiet for a long time, seems to me that no one wants to hire a fresher icon_cry.gif.

what is the best possible way to gain experience ?.

thanks in advance:)


  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Member Posts: 938
    The best way to gain experience is to really get hands on with it. Build yourself out a good lab and work towards some Microsoft certifications.

    Also see if you can take on any of the Systems Administration tasks from your current employer.
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    Get in touch with a local religious establishment (doesn't matter if you're religious) and ask them about volunteering opportunities to help you grow your skill set and gain some experience. Those religious nuts always have their fingers on the pulse of local volunteer opportunities.

    There are also plenty of websites that will allow you the opportunity to volunteer in your area (some are even remote).

    You get experience and a resume builder and the community is better for it.
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    Akaricloud thanks for your reply.
    I work for a service station and how can i relate that to my system admin experience u reckon ?
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    Redz thanks for your reply.

    Been looking for a volunteering position as well but couldn't find one in here. have to look for remote support i guess.
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    I am assuming you mean Sydney, Australia in your "location".

    I went ahead and checked Volunteering Opportunities in Australia | SEEK Volunteer for opportunities, and there were a couple short-term engagements looking for computer systems support personnel. Didn't really read much into the details, but it may be a good starting point for you. also has a "virtual" section that has quite a few entries (~4200) for virtual volunteering opportunities... I think I noted ~600 of them under "Computers and Technology"

    Dig a little. You'll find something.
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    cheers mate, you made my day. Till now i had no clue of virtual volunteering!!!!.

    thanks for your help REDZ..:)
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    No problem, very glad to help - best of luck in your search!
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