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Hi networkers,
We've got remaining budget in 2013 and IT management asked me to suggest a networking appliance (or sotfware) deployment, of my choice.
We have Cisco networking and voip gear already deployed: routers, switches, CUCM, CUC, CUPS...
I thought about some Solarwinds software, something like IP Flow Analyzer, instead of our Plixer Scrutinizer.
What do you suggest?
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    Ciscoworks seems to be a popular choice if you definitely plan to stay Cisco in house.
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    Hi moderator,
    Thanks for the reply, but we already have deployed LMS :)
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    I'm a big fan of redundant systems. I like knowing that if something breaks there is something else to replace it with in short order while the broken item is returned for service. Just a thought.
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    I have been looking at Solar winds and it does seem good for the price, but I think it depends how much time and what size of network you are wanting to manage.

    SPLUNK with the plugins also seems to be quite a good tool, but needs time spent getting it set up.
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