Passed 802 - A+ Certified

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I passed the 802 this morning with a 758 out of 900. I found this exam to be harder than the 801 even though I expected this one to be easier. The similuations were difficult because you needed to perform the operations the way comptia wants you to. Common things I would use like keyboard shortcuts did not work. Make sure you can navigate the GUI with ease to get to different areas of the computer. The multiple choice however was pretty straight foward and became easy to narrow down the correct answers. Also I had issues with one of the similations freezing and it caused me to have to restart it at least 5 times. Make sure you plan time for that.


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    Nice job!
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    2017 Goals:
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Excellent job!
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    Congrats I remember when I passed my A+ exams back in 2012 I felt so Happy!!! I share your feelings
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