Passed 801 and 802, do I have to register with the state?

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I live in NYC, and my first full time job was working for an insurance agency 2 year ago. I have passed that their licensing exam, and I have to register with the state for the license, so I am wondering do I have to do the same for A+ or will I just receive a certificate from pearson vue as I have passed both exam today?

Also, I am looking into taking Network+ if anyone got reading materials or videos online I can take a look at I would appreciate that. I will be taking a class in a month or two for Network+, however I just like to have some knowledge before I walk into a classroom.

Thank You


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    @2fast4uall - there is no state registration requirement for IT professionals. You probably only received a score report from Pearson Vue. You will also receive an e-mail from CompTIA with information on how to proceed to obtain your paper certificate I]sic[/I.

    For free Network+ videos, check out Professor Messer's website.
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    thanks for the quick reply.
    I have been viewing prof. messer's video for my a+. He have been very helpful.
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    I'm a real estate license holder. I also had to register with the government when I got my license. That's primarily because of the fact that financial licenses (such as insurance and real estate) deal with so many legal issues (like contracts) on a day-to-day basis.

    IT certifications, to my knowledge, are just about proving your ability and your understanding of concepts. Not something that the government is really all that worried about.
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    You should have a print out from your testing center telling you what to do if you to set up an account with CompTia if you haven't already. They keep track of your certifications so employers can look them up on CompTia's website if need be. After setting up an account with them, in a few weeks you should get your official certificate and a card with your name on it declaring that you're certified. Don't hold your breath on getting it quickly either, my experience is that it takes 3-4 weeks for them to send your "kit" to you, and I live in the lower 48 states. Congrats on your pass, BTW.
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