First Catch When Auditing!

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Now that we launched my job is switching to more of an auditing role. I was sitting in the war room surround by vendors and the permit holder when I received the release notes for a change they wanted to make. We have to review all changes and then decide if they can go through with the change (also verify that they are changing what they are saying and not doing some other changes). Part of the requirement is that they list who made the change and is responsible in the event of an issue. As I went through the notes, I noticed they placed a generic name there. It was glaring, but with the vendor next to me I asked "you have someone name such and such working for you?" He laughed and said "no why?" I went on to explain that he signed off on the release notes. The shocked look on his face was only matched by the permit holder who was adamant that I was incorrect. She went on to say they she reviewed them prior to my receiving them. I told her what page and she looked with an even more shocked face. In game the excuses and the supposed failures on our end that caused the issue.

I was very happy that this actually happened when it did because it let them know we're checking and will be held accountable for what they submit to us. Newest set of release notes that I got were correct :) score one for the_Grinch!


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    Kudos for the catch!
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