New Job Offer, but I have a Question?

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I just got offered a job at a consulting company making $70K a year but the tiny catch is I currently work at a job full time making 38K a year, BUT when I was offered the new job they told me I will basically be on a two week probation just to make sure I'm their go to guy because they currently have 1 Senior Admin on their staff and need another one just so they have two full time guys at all times, BUT the IT Director and CIO said I don't have to leave my current job just in case things don't work out over the next couple weeks with them (This is a very new company and this leads me to think that they're a little afraid of any new hires they bring on board). My question to you is should I resign from my current job because I can't go back and fourth between jobs because of my hours on my current job or should I just take the risk with the new job and see where things go? (My thinking is take the risk since I'm only 26years old and don't have much to lose especially making $70K on a job).


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    I can understand the hesitation. What sort of consulting work will you be doing at the new job? Windows admin, networking, storage? How comfortable do you feel handling these duties? Are you going to be entry-level or are they considering you as a more experienced admin? Also, are there any other "candidates" that they are giving a trial run?
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    Hi DirtySouth,

    I will be doing Windows Admin work and I feel very comfortable working in a Windows Server 2003/2008 environment since I had previous training and have worked for a total of 2 years in a Windows Server environment. I also have previous experience setting up a Exchange Environment and Professional Experience troubleshooting/upgrading a Exchange 2010 environment. I will be involved with the company as a experienced admin but they will still have my Senior partner train me on a few things to bring me more towards his level, so basically right now on a scale on 1-10(10 being the highest) rating for highly experienced I would say I'm about a 8 and they will like to bring me to about a 8.5-9 at minimum before making me their permanent guy. They interviewed two other candidates (they didn't get the jobs I did) and I basically won the job right then and there I amazed them so much of my knowledge and the fact I can back my certifications up.
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    This is probably the first time the hiring manager has actually "hired" someone in the first place and would be normal behavior for a first time manager in this situation. With that, should you be a bit apprehensive? Yes, but if your truly comfortable with your skills and feel you can hit the ground running then its more of a cultural issue not a technical issue.

    I you can ask reasonable, intelligent questions like where is this stored? How are configurations stored and encrypted and all those things without asking dumb questions like how do I setup a user from scratch type questions. Know where secpol.msc is vs asking about such verbally will go far to reassuring the new manager you know what your doing, straight off the bat. Be a gracious when asking detailed questions and polite with those things or items that need to "updated". For example, say the network backups are "unreliable" or never tested. Think in terms of "room for improvement" rather than "you guys suck and don't have a clue as to how to manage your own network let alone tell someone else how to do it..." See the point? Since this sounds like a new consulting organization - be prepared for both the bad and the good and you'll be fine.

    - B Eads
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    Thanks for all your input, I needed some advice on this small issue for my own sake lol. I'm very much ready for this job and they know I'm not yet at the 10 yet but they will train me over the next couple of weeks to get me close to that level, I start next week December 2nd and this is a new organization with new personnel so that's where the nervousness must be coming from.
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    Sounds good. I would say go for it, but perhaps have your ducks in a row in case it doesn't work out. Sounds like you'll do fine though. Good luck!
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    Thanks for help!
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    Wow and the manager said he hasn't even been there 6 months yet. So I would assume you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for all your help!
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