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Hey, i made a thread earlier in the wrong part of the forum i hope someone here can help me out that be really appreciated.

i am an accounting student graduating with my accounting degree in april 2014. have worked in Accounts Payable now for 2-3 years. And am looking into IT.

I have some questions, is there a IT Certification that would compliment my accounting degree i have heard some IT security Certifications would compliment my accounting degree but not too sure what certifications that would be. And if there inst a compliment to my accounting degree what Certifications are a good step to enter the IT world and what certifications i should do to further my advancement and pay.

There are so many IT certifications out there and so many either need experience and don't need it. What do you all recommend?

i am just totally lost and need a helping hand if anyone can offer some advice.


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    Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)?
    Evaluating emerging technologies, analyzing opportunities, examining global issues. Assessing quality, economy, and efficiency. Providing accurate and timely communication. Such diversity gives internal auditors a broad perspective on the organization. And that makes internal auditors a valuable resource to executive management and boards of directors in accomplishing overall goals and objectives, as well as strengthening internal control and governance.
    CISA seems like a solid one to go with as well.
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    Thanks for the post, i have looking into the CIA(IIA)also i have been looking into the CISA/ISACA and also the CISSP.

    I know that internal auditing departments are usally small in size taking GE (Genreal Electric ) as an example has a small internal auditing department of 15-20. so does the CISA and CISSP help me get a job in that department or are there other opporunties within an organization which i am not aware of. And what are these Job opportunutes? Security Analyst?

    Also CISA and CISSP need expereince to get the certificate, is it still worth doing the exam?

    -Thanks for helping :)
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    I agree that the CISA would be a start, but experience is required to earn the credential. An IT auditor with a financial background can make a very good living. Information systems containing financial data are always under some type of scrutiny whether it be internal or external audits. Not only are IT companies looking to hire these people but firms like Deloitte and KPMG and PWC are always looking for IT/Finance CISA types as well.
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    Thanks Larry,

    i also found early today CCNA - security and CompTia - security is this something i should be looking into ?

    also what should i start with i know that Experience is required to get some certificates but where do i start what exam should i be doing, is there a path i should be taking? i am really looking forward to tackle any certificate or exam leading to a certificate to give me a edge a small edge when job hunting ?

    Also what are private companies looking for i know of auditing but is there something else i can be pursuing? is auditing my only path?

    All the help is appreciated

    -sorry for the bombardment of questions but really University Career advisers don't know much and there is not a lot of information out there at university, the only way to find info is through google

    Thanks :)
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