How many exams do I need to pass to be A+ certified?

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Hi members,
can you please tell me that how many exams do I need to pass to be A+ certified, and what the numbers/names are? Plus, how much does each exam cost in UK "£" including VAT?

And how hard are these exams, if we do comparison with CCNA exams.

looking forward for your helpful answers.


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    CompTIA A+ Certification

    Required exams
    CompTIA A+ 220-801
    CompTIA A+ 220-802

    It has changed from when I took it, but it was way easier than the CCNA. Dunno what they cost in the UK.
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    To get the costs go register for the exam and it'll show you the cost before you press finish. I just checked and will give yo uthat information

    As for A+ compared to CCNA. Dude, not even in the same ballpark. CCNA is hard. A+, unless you're new to IT, is not hard. It's basic Windows & computer hardware stuff. if you're familiar with hardware and Windows you'll find it easy. It's always been 2 tests

    OT, but years ago they had a Mac variant of the certification if I recall.
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