Seeking Information about a Specific Job Category. Done this type of Work Before?

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Hey, all.

I have a question about median salary and general work environment for a specific position. Normally, I go to ONetOnline.org and learn as much as I can, but I'm having trouble categorizing this position.

Long-and-Short of it:
- I am currently attending a 4-month long certification course. A+, Sec+, MTA, and CCENT. I have a Master's in IT: Information Security.
- While attending the course, I attended a career fair. Expected to simply make a few contacts, was offered an interview.

About the position:
- They developed a program. They're looking to hire me to train others to use this program.
- I will not be involved in sales of the program; simply train those organizations that have already purchased it. Implement program at the client site; train the workforce.
- Heavy travel, nationwide.

Their thinking (Why me?)
- Degree
- Military (10+ years training others)
- Personality (We "clicked", and he mentioned that he's having a hard time finding IT personnel that fit the qualifications that aren't... well, "Socially Awkward")

My questions:
- For the purpose of referencing / googling; what would the title be for such a position?
- Any information about median salary?
- Anyone done that kind of position? Pros / cons?

Why am I asking? Well, even though I have the degree, I haven't been saturated in the IT sector for very long. I simply don't know how things work "in the real world" of IT. I have been in the Military for the past 9 years; most of it out of the country. This is a VERY different career path than what I was doing before. I'm trying to simply learn more about this IT environment.

I've only spoken to one instructor at my tech school. He said to research "Sales Engineer". Does that seem like an accurate (ish) title for the position?


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    What you are describing appears to be traditional professional services or solutions implementations role. It's a very common role in most companies that offer complex business solutions which may be industry specific. It's generally not really an IT position unless the solution is IT specific.

    If you are trying to research similar roles - do a search for "professional services" or "implementation services" on job sites like Dice and Monster. You are likely to find similar roles.

    The role itself does tend to be industry specific and will likely require that you develop an acumen for the industry that you are serving. It can blend IT skills with domain expertise of a particular business industry. Generally IMO - these are valuable roles and if the industry is a growing or sustainable industry like health care or financial services, this is a role with longevity if you like the particular industry you are serving.

    Good luck in the interview. I would definitely advocate going for it to learn more about it.
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