[b]Two qestions might be tricky for A+os!! [/b]

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Hi guys,It's me again been a while but always checking this great forum every day as always,it's been about four month
since that i have been on the A+os exam seat but this time i think i am ready as ever for the exam of course with
your help guys i have been working on the free practice and felt on two questions found it confusing thonk that you icon_confused.gif that you might help out of this...

NT 4.0 can run what kind of program?
1. cmd.exe 2.command.com 3.cmd.com

you found virus on your boot sector in your application and you want to delete your virus then what you can do first?
1. format c:/s 2. fdisk/mbr 3. scandisk

Thanks and looking forward for your replies!!!!

Always great


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