70-685 Which resources and your feedback please

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Hi All,

Booked to sit in 1 months time. I've worked in DST for about 3 years. From what I've read the 70-685 doesn't have a huge amount of reliable resources (Gibson book, CBT Nuggets and MS Press Book are mine), and most people have been stumped by the exam; discovering there's more server side/GPO/Networking/in depth W7 feature questions than they expected.

I've never touched an AD DS or configured GPO's/managed a domain. I've worked desk side on generic troubleshooting. Concerned I might be swalled by a black hole of missing knowledge.

Any suggestions on resources, topics to cover in depth (can anyone recall the questions from their exam?). It's my first MS exam.

Thanks in advance,



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    Hi dpbaker2,

    I read your thread after i created a similar thread concerning 680 and active directory. I have no server experience and i hear many complain about going into the exam with no previous knowledge of AD and failing. Since you are talking about 685 have you passed 680? any tips/resources?

    I also looked at books for 685, i believe MS press book is best since i wont go for 70-686(Gibson) plus i dont want to spend time trying to figure out which content is for which exam. However i will go for Gibson for the 680 exam.

    I also think that CBT nuggets are a must for MS exams. Good Luck! :)
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