I'm already registered for Network +, and I plan to take it in less than a week

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so the debate between Net + vs CCNET is not relevant.

My question is this: I pretty much plan to take CCNET also, as a lot of it seems to map over from Net +. Do any of you more experienced tech types think that both will give a significant boost to my credentials, as opposed to just one?

Keep in mind, this is a career change, and I need tech certs to get me in the door.


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    hi geokelley

    Yes, they will. Most people in here go with Net+ and then CCENT/CCNA and on. I am currently working on Net+ because like you said there is overlap between those two. In general Net+ is more neutral and Cisco is more concentrated on Cisco equipment
    working on CCNA
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    Short answer - no. Having both the Net+ and the CCENT will not boost your credentials much or give you much added benefits. However, going from the Net+ to the CCENT and then finally to the CCNA will boost your credentials considerably.

    - $.02 from someone who recently passed his CCNA.
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