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Hello Guys

I have a small query regarding the endorsement process and waivers listed in ISACA website.

My Background

I am a graduate and currently hold a Associate consultant designation in one of the BIG 4 and have total 4 years 6 months experience in Information Security and Information systems auditing domain. My certifications include CISSP , Security+ , AIX P6 , ITIL v3. I have cleared CISA in 2011 and have to apply for endorsement.

My query

When i went through the CISA wavier requirements , i read through a phrase which infers that " A graduation degree or a Masters Degree in Information Security through ISACA listed universities or 1 year of Information Security experience would account for 1 year Wavier to award CISA designation".

So my query is , with above background , can i apply for endorsement , i even mailed certification section of ISACA , but heard NO response from them. Hence putting forward my query in this forum.

Any sort of help Appreciated.


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    You meet the requirement to apply for certification: How to Become CISA Certified

    They ask for a total of 5 years of professional experience, but you can waive up to 3 years of audit experience based on your schooling and any previous non IS-audit experience. Working at one of the big 4 I imagine you have at least a Bacherlor's so with the Bachelor's + your experience you shouldn't have a problem. I also work at a Big 4 and my background is similar. Just fill out the online application and have your team lead or manager fill out the verification portion and then email it to ISACA. Given that you also have your CISSP I imagine you will be approved quickly. Good luck!
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