Thank you guys! (got a job)

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About 3 weeks ago, I made a post asking you guys if I should finish my diploma program or look for work. I currently have a Bachelor of Arts degree (I know it's not in IT, but it's still a degree), A+, Network+, currently working towards CCNA, and I have some real-world IT experience.

A number of you questions why I even went into the diploma program, and suggested that I look for work. Well today, I went to a 2nd interview for an entry-level IT Technician job and got hired later that day. I just want to say thank you guys so much!

I'll be making $41k, which I'm very happy with. I was willing to accept #35k

I think it's going to be a great position for me to start at, especially as I pursue more certifications to enhance my skills!

Thanks everybody!


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    Awesome news RedGaiter! Congrats icon_cheers.gif

    For most of IT's purposes, any 4 year degree will do. Honestly only things like compsci matter if you want to go into programming/development. Masters programs are a different breed, however.
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    Congrats! What market are you in?
    Current goals: CCNA/CCNP
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    I'm working out of Vancouver, Canada
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    Congrats! Don't let yourself get too comfortable and complacent. Keep on studying and that number will keep getting bigger!
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    Congratulations! You earned it. Now keep studying, and as iBrokeIT said, DO NOT get comfortable. Get some more certs/experience, and you will be exactly where you want to be career wise before you know it.
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    Congratulations! You earned it. Now keep studying, and as iBrokeIT said, DO NOT get comfortable. Get some more certs/experience, and you will be exactly where you want to be career wise before you know it.

    Please never get comfortable that is the single most important thing to know. Keep in mind your current age and where you plan to be at in the distance future. Do you want to repair printers in your 60's? Doubtful. It is something that has kept me always learning "always be learning".

    The biggest danger is when people take jobs where there is a lot of work on desktops/printers and they are never really focusing on putting the time in to learn server technology/networking/etc. It's 2014 thankfully and there are more free courses online then ever and lots of labs you can participate in to learn technologies that most people would never be able to get their hands on.

    If I was getting into IT all over again I would take any IT job that would give me some experience and immediately spend as much free time as I could come up with (including lunch breaks) on virtualization / cloud. VMware, Citrix, Amazon AWS, - anything. There's so much info out there on this stuff that you could benefit from that you might find one day at your current job that a project comes along that is above your skillset but you just happen to have a very good understanding of how it works.

    But again congratz! Just keep progressing so you can keep making great strides in your career.
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    Congratulations!!!!!!! icon_cheers.gif
    That's awesome news, wow didn't even know A+ and Net+ could be worth that kind of salary that's really awesome.

    All the best of luck on the new job!!!
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    Congrats, and good luck!
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