Does CEH Renew Security+?

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A a good friend of mine swears that that the CEH exam, will automatically renew my Security+. However, I could not find that on the CompTIA site anywhere. Is this true or is my friend mistaken?

It would be great if it is true, my Security+ expires this December and I have done no credits yet. Yikes!



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    I think the best way its to email them, whatever certification I had I will just submit/email them to my respective organization and have them make the decision on the CPE credits, I rarely do think about it.
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    There might be some confusion in how CompTIA Continuing Education Units (CEU) are earned. At the present time, only earning more CompTIA certifications can earn you CompTIA CEUs. On June 1, 2014, CompTIA will post a listing of other cert vendor's certifications that, when acquired, will also earn CompTIA CEUs. The CEH may very will be on this list.
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    CEH shows on the list and is worth 50 CEUs

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    I submitted my CEH back in march and it gave me the 50 points needed. I just need to pay my fees twice and I'll be renewed.

    I wouldn't say it automatically renews it, you have to submit it yourself.
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    According to this it does:

    CE Program: Renewing Through Other Certifications

    We will see what else they have to say on June 1 though.
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    Seems to be better to get the higher level CompTIA which renews all the others below and no maintenance fees to be paid also.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses!

    CEH is on the list:

    I plan to take the exam in the end of July, so that I can renew my Security+ with it.

    Thank You Thank You!!!
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