Can I get some resume help please?

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I am finishing up my ccent, so hopefully by next Friday I can show that i obtained it. but i was wondering if someone can help me modify my resume toward a NOC position?

i dont necessarily have 2-3 years expierence with a NOC, but i have been shadowing with my current one and about to obtain my CCENT, and have similar help desk expierence (if you haven't seen my other thread, i most likely will not stay with my employer and trying to apply to other NOC's)


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    I'm relatively new to the field, so I'm sure others will help more. I did notice a few things:

    - I'd reduce the bullet points of prior positions to skills and achievements that are relevant to NOC. For instance, "Imaged,configured and deployed new/ used hardware and software" and "[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Deployedcomputers for current and new employees." [/FONT]probably don't need their own lines. Likewise, "Knowledgeof Remote Desktop Connection" probably isn't worth mentioning at this point in your career. It also sounds more like a skill than what you did in that position. I typically stick to 2-3 bullet notes for old positions unless it is really relevant or you had some great achievements.

    - Consider removing the "Specialized courses in Computer Science" and put "Relevant coursework:" or something similar in it's place. Also, I'd remove "about 12 units." They will know based on the classes listed and I would never list uncertain terms on a resume. It makes it seem like you didn't go check your transcript to know for a fact.

    - Make the Skills/Software/Hardware more readable. Add some spacing in there. You might also consider just calling it Skills?

    - Make the header with your name and contact info a bit prettier. It doesn't have to be the best looking thing ever, but a little formatting might go a long way.

    - Create a "Summary" section at the top that talks about your years of support experience, CCENT, that you are pursuing CCNA (assuming you are), etc.

    Those are just a few thoughts. There is always room for improvement on resumes and everyone's opinion is different.
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    Font sizes need to be standardized in your listings. It's 9 some places, 10 in others. You could def go 10 on all of them. Typically recommended that a resume be Times or a similar standard font and at least 10 size. Google for some ideas.

    If you're looking to fit your resume to two full pages, perhaps remove your contact info from the header and put it in the body at the top.

    You can bold things like job title and company if you want, so they stand out a bit more.

    Soft skills are important just like technical skills. Google them. List some that are true about you. Use the "summary" section like SteveFT above suggests and include them there.

    The listing - Alcohol and Drug Programs, Dep of
    Could just be "Dept of Alcohol & Drug Programs" to aid in readability

    Plenty more could be said, these are just some of my suggestions. =D Best of luck!

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