Changes in VMware Certification Program

Got a mail now..VMware Certification Program Simplified Exam Registration ProcessVMware and Pearson VUE have simplified the certification exam registration process. As of March 5, 2016 you will find that the exam registration process is a seamless experience when you’re logged into your VMware myLearn account.Starting March 5, 2016 just select the "Register Now" button or link when navigating within the VMware Certification Program website and you will be directed into your Pearson VUE/VMware profile to complete your exam registration. As of March 5, 2016, NO more exam authorization will be required! NO more multiple accounts or log-ins between Professional and Advanced registration will be necessary. Just ONE click after you’ve logged into your VMware myLearn account is all you need. Don't let the exam authorization or the registration process stop you from pursuing your VMware Certification. Register Now!So what this mean ?we dont need to do any course before the exam ?


  • joelsfoodjoelsfood Member Posts: 1,027 ■■■■■■□□□□
    This doesn't change the requirements for any of the certifications, no. If you required a class before, you still do. This just means you don't have to go to VMware, request authorization to take the exam, wait on email, take that code and use it to register with Pearson.
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