Need some feedback regarding buying some hardware.

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Hey all,

I am looking at buying a refurbished 2801 and a 2960 for my lab to do bigger topologies. Because I am on a budget and reside in Canada, I did some research on a reseller and they said the router costs $30 and the 2960 costs $75. I got a quote from another reseller whom I have bought from before (with no problems or damaged hardware) and they quoted $125 each for the router and switch.

Would a much lower price indicate it's TGTBT and could be counterfeit hardware?
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    I'm not to sure how things are in Canada. But, I have sold some Cisco equipment here in the US. I don't sell in Canada because it is way expensive to ship and a hassle to do. and double that if something is damaged during shipping.

    So the first thing you need to find out is where is it being shipped from and for how much. The lower price is about what I'd sell those items here in the US with shipping. But, I'd sell 3x 1841s and 2x 2960s for $250 here in the US. But, shipping to Canada will cost (at least to me) an extra $100, at least.

    Then on the router you need to check things like:
    how much ram at least 256mb
    how big is the compact flash (cf) card at least 64mb
    what is the version of the ios
    is the cf ejector functional
    comes with rack mount brackets
    comes with serial wics and any others that are usable
    has a well connected face plate missing, barely on, scratched up should be cheaper
    the does it have slot covers, console cable, power cord.

    pretty much the same for the switch
    functioning mode button
    all the ports work
    what is the ios
    and rack brackets, console cable, and power cord.

    And, you might look into an 1841 instead of a 2801. The 1841 is cheaper than a 2801. and being it is smaller and lighter, it is cheaper to ship.

    But, if you ask me, the lower priced items will show more wear, stickers and scratches. And, they didn't put much work into it, so they probably just wiped the dirt off. you get whatever memory and ios it came with. maybe even a small cf card that is only good for running ios 12.4 and a broken ejector.

    and the more expensive one, they put more work into making the equipment look pretty and etc. But, they do expect to get paid for doing that work. if they couldn't get paid for doing the work, they wouldn't be doing it in the first place.

    So, updated, fully functional, totally tested, good looking equipment is going to cost you more, be cause businesses with pay more of that.

    So, the price difference can be easily be because of the quality difference and where it is being shipped from
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