How much does GPA matter to employers?

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As a bit of a backstory, I am 19 years old, soon to be transferring from my technical school with an associates in science (transfer program) with a 3.95 GPA and scholarships to boot because I kept my GPA high, though I am at an impass in deciding between two degrees to pursue (as you can see from my previously created threads) because the Computer Science degree requires very high level math (I'm afraid I won't do as good in high level calculus) while the Computer Information Systems degree only requires baby calculus.

Then I ask, how much do employers worry about GPA? Because I feel if I go the CIS route I would have a much easier time keeping a 4.0 but if I go the CS route the coding doesn't bother me but the high level math is what I am afraid of and worry my GPA will dip once I am in these difficult math classes.

Appreciate the input as always fellows, I apologize if my threads are a bit redundant. I just have to decide soon, unfortunately.


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    In my experience very little besides from internships no employers have even brought up my GPA in interviews.
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    My GPA only became a factor when I was doing internships. Otherwise no employer really cares what you got in school as long as you have a degree.
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    Beyond an internship or first job nobody cares, same for the College you graduated from unless you got your degree from a top 10 school. Some industries like Finance or Accounting are still very College Degree snobbish so where you graduated from still matters, but majority industries just want to put a check in that checkbox. Your GPA is sort of like a key to your first job, it can get you a great job but once you're in the door it no longer matters and what matters is how you produce.
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    I've only seen GPA really matter on some government job descriptions. For example, in lieu of experience, some will require a Master's degree OR a Bachelor's degree with superior academic achievement (like 3.8+). I imagine this is just another way to get a check in the box. Someone with a Master's or actual experience will probably trump an undergrad, assuming that's your only leverage.

    Private sector jobs, I personally haven't had GPA brought up.
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    I've had it asked one time in the last 100 or so applications. Even then, they're likely to be happy with anything above a 3.0.

    Other than internships or becoming a teacher, I wouldn't worry about it
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    16 years in IT and never had anyone ask me my GPA. As a hiring manager, I don't care either.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies!
    cyberguypr wrote: »
    16 years in IT and never had anyone ask me my GPA. As a hiring manager, I don't care either.
    I sent you a PM cyberguy, for some reason when I go to "sent" it is not showing anything though, will you see if you received anything please? Thanks!
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    I think the gist of what everyone is saying is right on. GPA is most relevant early in your career. In my opinion, there's never any reason for an employer to ask because if you have a strong GPA you included on you resume. If you didn't put it on your resume it's probably assumed that your GPA wasn't so good. At least that's what I've assumed when reviewing resumes.

    Also, even later in your career GPA can help showcase a talent for success... 3.9 GPA in 2016, world's greatest coder award in 2018, CIO's MVP in 2019, 4.0 for master's in 2020, etc., etc... a string of hits is a good thing.

    One thing is for sure... a great GPA can't hurt you.
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    if you have the skillset it sjouldnt matter that much
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    I have mine on my resume, but now that I am gaining IT skills I plan on taking it off. Granted, I have no plans on sending my resume out. I have never seen it on a job description, and thus, I can't imagine they care very much. Go for the degree that appeals to you most and will challenge you. It will keep college more interesting and engaging, which in my experience, is more important than a 4.0. You will learn skills and attributes that will bring you more success than a high GPA.

    I had a 3.8 in Social Work and ended up hating it once I got into the real world. And I was not that good at it! I could get the grades (without much effort- it came naturally to me!) but I just didn't have the skillset for it. Focus on your skills and challenging yourself. Unless you want to graduate with honors or go to grad school, your GPA really isn't THAT important. Leadership activities, student clubs, and volunteer work look much better (and take up more room on a resume ;)

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