1852i question? Anyone know

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I was looking at that new 1852i's, they have the region designations I believe -B is the US one. But does anyone know if these automatically come with Express on them, and you have option to use that or the controller. I seen a demo on techwise, they said they had 1850's, they showed id it was 1852i-A, which I think is for the Canada region. it had express built in.

Looks the same as whats on the 2504 controller, this would be a big plus for home lab for study.


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    According to the "Getting Started Guide Cisco Aironet 1850 Series Access Points" page 4 states that models ending with "C" come with Cisco Mobility Express software image installed.
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    Update to this post. Yes Mrvn is correct, if ordered with C, the unit will come with controller but any 1832, or 1852i, can run the controller based install. Even prior to may SmartNet coming through I contacted Cisco and they sent me a link to be able to download the latest version 8.2, sort of wanted 8.1 as I hear its runs better. and I was able to update my AP to the Controller based option, which can control a number of AP's below it up to 25. Works pretty slick. You don't get some of the bells ans whistles the 2504 controller gives you, but for the price and to be able to have it as a controller based I can see where this is a viable option for small businesses. I am getting a 2702 this week, so I will run it from the 1852. Since this is mainly for my home, and my home lab, I may when the income tax comes around pick up a 5 AP license controller, to have the added features, well see. For now, I can do a lot of the same stuff. So it's pretty nice.
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