What do you like most and least about your job?

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I'm a bit curious here (especially curious about you security guys) so I may as well ask.

Feel free to use this template:

I am a: (insert job title)

What I like most about my job:

What I like least about my job:


  • NetworkNewbNetworkNewb Member Posts: 3,298 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I'll bite...
    I am a: Systems Security Analyst

    What I like most about my job: First strictly security role. Getting to work on scripting more. Get to see what all entails in what a large company needs to do to protect themselves. Get hands on experience with a SIEM application and get to configure it to find things that shouldn't be going on, on the network.

    What I like least about my job: Managing application access can be tedious if I have alot to do in a day... Auditing can be tedious as well. But I'm working on creating scripts and applications to streamline those things (which I enjoy)
  • kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    I am a: Lead Network Engineer

    What I like most about my job: I get to architect and create things from nothing. I control the way packets flow and how users can see and access resources as well as when you get a wireless mesh working from 2500 feet away that just gives a warm SYN/ACK feeling inside.

    What I like least about my job: Honestly it would be updating Solarwinds to keep our documentation up to date. It is just very time consuming and management where I am at micro manages SOOOOOO much.
    *edit - I also do not like that I am a 1 man team. I want team mates to work with. Lonely lonely lonely
  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Are we having fun yet? Mod Posts: 4,330 Mod
    I am a: Senior Security Analyst

    What I like most about my job: The paycheck, the flexibility (work from home, hours not strict, relaxed most of the time).

    What I like least about my job: Despite the title being 'security', almost everything I do is operations so it's not a real security role, Having to be on call once every 7 weeks ( I have a full life outside work so I don't like sacrificing a week for that, but it's not too bad really).
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    I am a: Network Security Engineer

    What I like most about my job: Flexible position with good management. I manage myself for the most part. I have learned more in this position than my previous role at another company. Company promotes within and covers certification exams.

    What I like least about my job: Sometimes dealing with certain customers. Working in a security support role, you can get some crazies. This is true with any NOC type position though. On-call rotation can get a bit crazy at times. I have yet to have an on-call where I didn't put in at least 15-20 extra hours. First salary position, so no overtime. We do get a "bonus" per rotation, but it is a flat bonus. Still beats not getting anything though!

    Honestly, I am pretty happy where I am.
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  • Danielh22185Danielh22185 Member Posts: 1,195 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am: a Network Operations Engineer (for a very large Fortune 100 Firm)

    What I like most about my job:
    * The exposure to Network Technology. We have approximately 50,000 network devices ranging from primarily Cisco of all platform types you can image, as well as Arista, Juniper, F5 LTM, Citrix Netscaler, Riverbed, etc.
    * I love fixing things and just may end up identifying myself with an operations type role for a long time.
    * I have full access to anything on the network which allows me to do quite a bit which makes for a giant learning tool.
    * I have great work peers / colleagues with great attitudes and willfulness to help each other.

    What I like least about my job:
    * It is silo'd support position with 5 distinct layers beginning with monitoring analysts, level 1-3, and SME roles (I fall in at level 2). Being Silo'd support I don't get to touch on other realms of networking such as design which really perks my interests.
    * Also we operate heavily with a basis of "put the fires out" type mentality without strategizing ways to streamline effectiveness / efficiency.
    * Extremely limited staff (most times just 4-5 guys total covering support for my team for the global network, we do have other teams but my team is the middle team that does 90% "fix" work).
    * No days off (24x7x365). With rotating shifts but I work a weekend day and holidays.
    * Mgmt. is less than desirable and needs major overhauling. (Buddy club system giving each other promotions / raises and knocking down the little guy).
    * Pay is okay at best. Overtime is almost always abundant because we are permanently short staffed which allows me to make decent money but I'd rather a normal working schedule with the same pay.
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  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youMod Posts: 2,781 Mod
    I am a: Jr Systems Admin/DBA
    What I like most about my job: Flexible hours, learn new things (like VMware and Oracle) can use comp time for working OT

    What I like least about my job: Nothing. Appreciate it all. Ok, monthly Microsoft Updates..stigs..(alittle)
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  • dhay13dhay13 Member Posts: 580 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I am a: Systems Security Engineer

    What I like most about my job: Everything except the pay. Great co-workers with great attitudes. Our mission. laid back. flexible schedule. work from home

    What I don't like about my job: lower end of the pay scale with no chance for an increase. my duties are very specific. no chance of working with new technologies or tools
  • wastedtimewastedtime Member Posts: 586 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am a: Malware Analyst

    What I like:
    - Not every task is a challenge but usually I will get one or two good ones a week. Every time you start analyzing something you don't always know where it will take you.
    - Constantly learning new things. I have learned a lot about file formats, security flaws with different web application frameworks and more. Just in the last 6 months alone I have read/written/interpreted vbscript/C#/java/javascript/python/perl/php/bash and more.
    - Good co-workers. Fairly relaxed and helpful coworkers who are easy to get along with.
    - Technical writing. I have always struggled with writing and this has given me a chance to improve on it.
    - Pay is pretty good. Good not great, but this honestly would not be very important if it wasn't for the other items on this list.

    What I dislike:
    - Everything has a time limit. Got to keep a certain SLA. You may not have as long or be able to go as far as you would like to on a task due to time limits.
    - Not really a dislike but can add to negative stress is errors need to be extremely few to none. A decision you make about something you do could have a very negative impact on the whole network. Those mistake will be reflected back on you and your coworkers.
  • bloodshotbettybloodshotbetty Member Posts: 215
    I am a: Desktop Support

    What I like most about my job: Flexible hours, good pay and benefits, opportunities to learn and grow (so many!) working face to face with the customers, great team, team building activities, supportive boss.

    What I like least about my job: I have only been there a couple weeks, so not too many. But the impending doom that desktop support may get tedious is on my mind...buuut, not there yet :) OH. The documentation on tickets has not been great since they have been swamped (hence hiring new people.) I am a nut about thorough documentation so sometimes I need to give my colleagues a little sass ;)

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  • JoJoCal19JoJoCal19 California Kid Mod Posts: 2,831 Mod
    I am a: Cybersecurity Problem Manager

    What I like most about my job: Pay (six figures, finally), variety since every problem is different, working for a global firm, the company I work for

    What I like least about my job: Comes easy and naturally to me so it's super easy and I feel unfulfilled (first world problem, I know), working environment (5ft long row desk with 1' tall glass walls in the middle of a command center).
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  • gorebrushgorebrush Member Posts: 2,743 ■■■■■■■□□□
    I am a: NOC Network Engineer on shift

    What I like most about my job: I get paid fairly well because I came into the role a different route from most. Working shift I get to work nights and have lots of time to study, but that is slowly changing as there are new "tasks" coming from upper levels down to us that may well occupy the quiet time overnights. I've learned everything now though so the job is easy and also a bit dull. However, I like it being easy because my confidence on major incidents is very high and I have no fear of any ticket that gets thrown my way.

    What I like least about my job: Pay could be better - HOWEVER, I accept that I am only in a 2nd line job and I need to move jobs first. I expect CCIE pay however when I move, so I will move when I am ready and not before.
  • fmitawapsfmitawaps Banned Posts: 261
    I am: Desktop Support, transitioning to Jr. Network Admin / Data Center Tech / NOC jobs, currently between jobs.

    What I like best: I'm good at computer work, I am learning a lot from studying for my Cisco certs, I have the potential to make good money from better jobs over the next few years. And IT work beats any job I had before 2011 ! Most recent assignments had at least reasonable pay ($20 an hour or over)

    What I like least: Contract assignment work through temp agencies. Not getting paid holidays. Not being treated as an equal even though I am as good as or better than the people directing my jobs. No paid holidays. Leaving work on friday afternoon, thinking all is well, and getting that call a half hour later, telling you the assignment is over when you know damn well there's months of work remaining to do. Going to interviews and listening to the interviewer comment "you've had a lot of short term assignments". Yeah, because companies overuse temp agencies instead of hiring people directly, dumbass! Having an interview at a company and it goes great, then they say "Okay, the hiring manager is leaving tomorrow and will be out of town until next Friday, when they get back they will review your information". Okay, it's not like I'm in any hurry to restart the steady flow of paychecks or anything.

    Am I bitter about temp agencies and contact assignments and jobs in general? A little......
  • poolmanjimpoolmanjim MCSE, MCSA: 2016, MCSA: 2012 KC, KS, USAMember Posts: 285 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I am a: System Engineer

    What I like the best: Flexible hours, great pay and amazing benefits. Fortune 1000 company so there is apparently a lot of room for moving around in the company.

    What I like the worst: Its a software company and I spend more time supporting our proprietary apps than doing anything I want to do. The concept of moving to a role you like is lost of the fact that people lock into the roles that people want and HR never opens up new positions in those departments. You pretty much are waiting for people to die or retire so you can move teams. Management doesn't understand how to run projects and our client base (we also do remote hosting of our software) dictates how our product is to be used and what the best practices are instead of relying on us to improve their environment so everything runs terribly and we just get told no when we try to fix it. If everything is an exception to the rule, there aren't any rules!
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  • dustervoicedustervoice Member Posts: 877 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am a: Risk Analyst/Security Engineer/compliance officer

    What I like: I get paid for my opinion only.

    What I don't like: Too many meetings.
  • Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    seems like almost everyone has some type of Security title
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  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Are we having fun yet? Mod Posts: 4,330 Mod
    What I like: I get paid for my opinion only.


    haha sounds awesome! Can you elaborate please? :D
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  • the_Grinchthe_Grinch Member Posts: 4,165 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I am a: Cyber Security Engineer

    What I Like -
    1. The people I work with are the best bunch I've ever worked with
    2. My opinion is listened to
    3. Everyday is different
    4. Work with everyone from analysts all the way to C-Level executives/Director level at other Agencies
    5. Have been able to get some really good training
    6. Get to work with other agencies
    7. Bleeding edge of technology

    What I dislike -
    1. No raises going on two years
    2. Pension contributions increase each year
    3. Health benefits cost has gone up each year (thus I make less each year I stay)
    4. Doing a lot of the work of people who have left and weren't replaced
    5. Nowhere to move up to
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  • thomas_thomas_ CompTIA N+/S+/L+ CCNA R&S CCNP R&S/Enterprise/Collab Member Posts: 998 ■■■■■■■□□□
    I am a: Field Tech

    What I like most about my job:

    1. I'm employed and I get a paycheck.
    2. I get to move around and go different places throughout the day. I'm not stuck behind a desk.

    What I like least about my job:

    1. The only benefit I really get is being paid and having a job on my resume. No PTO, no health insurance, no 401k contributions, etc...
    2. I don't get a consistent 40 hours per week. I've been averaging around 30. Great if I was salaried, not so great since I'm an hourly wage worker.
    3. I can work some weird hours and drive some far off places, with little to no notice.
    4. A trained monkey can do my job. I'm not really learning anything anymore. What I have learned isn't anything that is going to benefit my career in any way.
    5. Boss doesn't really like doing things the right way. Boss is more interested in doing things in the quickest and cheapest way possible. Boss is penny-wise and dollar foolish.
  • Rumblr33Rumblr33 Member Posts: 99 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am a: Cybersecurity Incident Response Analyst

    What I like most about my job:
    1. Learning threat intelligence
    2. User behavior analysis
    3. Splunk
    4. Getting paid very nicely for what I do and I am hourly.
    5. Monitoring everything that touches our network
    6. Paid SANS training and GIAC certs
    7. Great coworkers
    8. Career advancement
    9. Malware analysis

    What I like least about my job:
    1. Monitoring can get monotonous.
    2. Too many meetings.
    3. Not enough time to fully dive into the malware analysis

    P.S. I am concerned that a few are not happy about their pay, especially with the certs and the experience I know some of you have.
    I recently was promoted to my current position and received a 35k raise from 45k to 80k.
  • indigomx9indigomx9 Member Posts: 32 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am a – DesktopSupport Analyst

    What I like mostabout my job:
    I love technology,so setting up and supporting laptops, desktops, handheld devices, etcand the latest software and connecting it on the network. Having afull time job paying $70,000 in New York City.

    What I like leastabout my job:
    I got comfortable inmy role and when the job market changed, the full time jobs becametemp/contract jobs paying $30-40,000. I got tired of low paying tempjob offers so I'm training for ComTIA Linux+ and then Red Hat.
  • E Double UE Double U Member Posts: 1,937 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I am an Information Security Analyst

    My likes/dislikes are similar to everyone else's except:

    Like most - being minutes away from the pier where I like to take daily walks (gotta love SoCal weather)

    Like least - no Amsterdam location so I have to leave the company for my upcoming move (I hate to leave my current employer)
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  • bpennbpenn Member Posts: 499
    My job is multi-roled on paper: Desktop Support/Information Assurance

    What I like: My boss is amazing. My input is valued and respected. I get to work on servers, ASAs, switches, crypto devices, and computers so the learning as been immense. The clients also respect us and even value us here (crazy concept, I know)

    What I don't like: Not being able to get a TS clearance on this contract, the pay, the lack of military leave (I am an AF Reservist), the pitiful PTO, and after being here for almost 4 years, the growth. I am not learning much new anymore and I really, really need to move on but thats another story in itself.
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  • TechGromitTechGromit GSEC, GCIH, GREM, Ontario, NY Member Posts: 2,062 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I am a: Cyber Security Senior Analyst

    What I like most about my job:
    Interesting work, great pay and benefits, get along great with co-workers, short commute, lots of training opportunities.

    What I like least about my job:
    Uncertain future (Plant closing in 2019), potential radiation exposure, dirty working environment (the carpet is at least 25 years old), building has no elevator
    I am: a Network Operations Engineer (for a very large Fortune 100 Firm)

    I thought this was funny, Like a Fortune 100 company is going to be a small mom and pop shop. icon_lol.gif
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  • Russ5813Russ5813 Member Posts: 123 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I am a: Helpdesk/VTC Tech

    What I like most about my job: Good coworkers and a great boss. Wearing two hats gets me exposure to a broad range of technologies. Pay and benefits are decent. Oh, and it's my first IT job!

    What I like least about my job: Not much room for growth. Limited budget (ie. limited training opportunities). It doesn't deal enough with InfoSec.
  • Russell77Russell77 Member Posts: 161
    I am a tier 2 NOC tech supporting field technicians who install and maintain PBX and VOIP telephone systems.

    What I like the most is it's a very dynamic and collaborative environment where as a group we see and solve new problems every day. We have a saying each day is like our first day. Totally stumped at times how to make the systems work the way some people want them to but we try hard to make it happen. Also get paid a boat load of money considering the title.

    What I dislike: pretty heavy on the work side of the work life balance. Overtime, some holidays. Well compensated for the OT. Also a few human anchors in the dept that are not going anywhere any time soon. Just have to ignore the fact and focus on tasks with the majority who care.
  • jcundiffjcundiff Member Posts: 486 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am a: Lead Threat Intelligence Analyst

    What I like most about my job:
    * Always changing, never the same day twice
    * Hunt Missions!
    * Always challenged by the bad guys always increasing their skills... Currently learning Russian for a slight advantage :O
    * Transitioned from GRC role, so refreshing change of pace to not be the "bad guy" saying "No, you cant do that" :)
    * Great Team (both TI team and larger team of entire CSO org)
    * Decent pay and excellent variable comp yearly.
    * Guaranteed Training Dollars each year ( just completed FSISAC's Threat Intelligence training this past week)
    * Flexibility in work location

    What I like least about my job:

    * 3 hours away from home (work in HQ 3 days and remote 2 days)
    * Pay could be better
    * Bank mentality ( even though we are not a bank)

    thats really about it, what can I say, really my only complaint is that its 3 hours away... other areas in the company are a bit fubar'd compared to the CSO's org, but that doesnt really impact us much
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  • techfiendtechfiend Member Posts: 1,481 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I'm a sys admin.

    What I like: Every day I work on something different, the challenge (most of the time), feeling that I'm indirectly impacting millions of lives, flexible schedules, telecommuting, very laid back atmosphere

    What I dislike: No one to learn from, trial by fire, some clearly bad decisions are made, the occasional task that's beyond my responsibility (sql, web dev, etc.) 24x7 shop and always on call
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  • dustervoicedustervoice Member Posts: 877 ■■■■□□□□□□
    UnixGuy wrote: »
    haha sounds awesome! Can you elaborate please? :D

    Well I basically sit in meeting all day being told about all the projects various departments are working and being asked are there any security risks we should consider & is it a good idea to proceed to which i normally answer YES YES YES just do it most times i dont even elaborate why :). A "YES" from me is worth about a few million £ to them.
  • Sheiko37Sheiko37 Member Posts: 214 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Security Analyst

    What I like most about my job: It's a good team, relaxed environment, and I'm overpaid.

    What I like least about my job: It's not challenging, there's not enough "hands on" and I'm not really learning much. I think working for a large global company means all roles are well defined and compartmentalized, so you can't extend yourself beyond your limited job responsibilities.
  • IristheangelIristheangel CCIEx2 (Sec + DC), CCNP RS, CCNA V/S/R/DC, CISSP, CEH, MCSE 2003, A+/L+/N+/S+, and a lot more from m Pasadena, CAMod Posts: 4,133 Mod
    I am a Systems Engineer

    What I like the most about my job: Awesome smart people I work with, all the toys I could ever want to play with, freedom to experiment and lab out whatever I want, no set hours or time I have to be at an office, great pay/benefits, upward mobility, exposure to upper management for the good things I do, great and amazing customers, etc.

    What I don't like about my job: There isn't a whole lot I don't like which is probably why I'm still here. I guess the only cons I can say are that working in a company as large as mine, of course there could always be better communication and autonomy between different business units and for myself, personally, there is always something to do and not enough hours in the day. Sometimes it definitely feels like a balancing act and I always feel like there is SOMETHING I should be working on but that's a little of my own OCD nature as well. My upper management has assured me that I'm doing above and beyond but I still have this little itch in the back of my brain that there is more I should be doing or something I should be working on.
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