AWS - Amazon Web Service - Life after the free 12 months?

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Hi Everybody,
I recently discovered AWS free and like it. My worry is that it will cost a lot after the free 12 months. I only use it for practicing IT. Does anyone have an account more than 12 months? Is it expensive?



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    If you are just using it for labs, and the like... you could just create a new account and get a 2nd 12 months, probably.
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    I'm still in the middle of my free year of AWS, but I've already used up my free trials with Google and Microsoft. Google gives 4x single proc instances and for Microsoft it's only 1x. One is free for two months and the other is one free month. I found all three to be educational. AWS and Google were a pleasure to use, but Microsoft was a pain.
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    I created a 12 month free account. It expired. If I wanted to continue using it, I probably could have gotten away w/ under $75 a month (under VERY heavy use by my standards) or under $10 a month for when I didn't use it at all (some things you pay for, even if they aren't "used" such as EBS & S3 storage).

    However, I simply deleted everything off the account and created a new 12 months free trial account.

    In total, in the almost 2 years of using AWS for infrequent labbing, I've probably paid less than $15 dollars total.
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    I only use AWS for an IRC bouncer, so when my free year expires, I'll create another account and that's it xD
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