Is there any value attending a BlackHat conference

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I may have the opportunity to attend a BlackHat conference this year and I was wondering if it is worth the $1,800 registration fee? They have classes you can attend, but no certifications that I can see. I looked into one of the classes, and it's a separate charge? They want $3,000 for a 2 day course on "Malware Analysis Crash Course"? And I thought SANS was expensive. What is the $1800 registration fee for?! Do you think it's worth attending? Has anyone here attended a Blackhat conference in the past?

Thank you for any information.
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    There are a lot of talks given that aren't for-fee classes, plus the vendor floor full of swag, free food, drinks, etc. Plus it's a networking opportunity.

    Go to their website and watch videos from previous BH events, and decide from there.

    Personally if I was paying for it I'd skip BH and go to DefCon which follows right after BH.
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