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Hey Guys,

I'm new, as of a few minutes ago :) I'm a current CCNA: R&S with a solid bit of voice, storage, and virtualization experience. I'll be sitting for the Security+ exam at the end of April, and my question is for the good folks that have passed the Security+ 401 (latest).

I need to pass the exam in fewer than 30-days, and I have about 3-4 hours per day available to study (I have a very understanding wife). What tools/resources did you find most rewarding/helpful to your studying?

I am current using the following:

CBT Nuggets subscription
Darril Gibson's Android App




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    I passed 401 late last year. I read a 301 study guide which came also with some practice tests. But I think I probably relied more on other security knowledge I had acquired through years of work and reading.

    More recently, I've found two books to be quite good for covering Info Sec in the broad sense: Information Security the complete reference and Security in Computing. If you could only choose one, the first one would be best for Security+, in fact it would probably be enough for CASP and higher, and is on the ISACA reading list for CISM.

    Sec+ is a lot of common sense, really.
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