Passed Security + Notes on resources and the test

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Passed 824/900: I bought Darril Gibson's book and his content. I did not read the book cover to cover though I believe this is a good idea if you have the attention span. I found the online practice tests good, especially in learn mode. The audio is weak but not useless. Though it's dated, and kind of haunting since she's gone, I downloaded (free) all of Shon Harris's CISSP MP3s here McGraw-Hill Education | CISSP Practice Exams and I shuffled all of that with music during commutes so I could skip around and focus on whatever came up that was interesting. I really loved Certmaster tests though I did not do all of them and they get so repetitive. I did binge through most of Certmaster the day before and morning before the test. I believe Certmaster trains you to answer definitively quickly so you walk into the test with a high question processing tempo. I did the Certmaster tests with Prof. Messer's PDF ($10 bargain) open on another screen so I could easily search for more info on anything I did not know on the fly.

Test Take: I skipped all of the scenario questions that were odd or confusing and came back through at the end. I ended up with 25 minutes for review and think that if I had it to do over I could have 35+ by skipping anything confusing faster. I ended up leaving one scenario almost completely blank because there was no way it wasn't a beta question - the UI was idiotically awkward with 2 popup boxes on the crappy Pearson PC. It is a crime that Pearson does not have modern 2 flat screen machines by now.

Onward to CISSP - hope this helps on your journey


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