Passed Network+ Just in Time!

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Hey guys. General lurker, occasional commenter here (okay maybe twice as of right now).

I managed to pass Network+ today with a score of 736! My journey toward it actually started months ago when my former employer had me put it as a goal for the year. Fast forward past that job not working out and me with an already paid-for voucher (my own money).

I used the Todd Lammele Network+ Study Guide, Professor Messer videos, and a Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack book. I struggled to find motivation to study at times. I only had "well it would renew my A+, I already paid for it, and very slightly possibly find me a job" as my mantra. I have little experience in networking, as I have spent most of my career at help desk level thus far. My main plus experience-wise was the short time I spent analyzing network traffic for threats. I postponed sitting for it 8 times from December until this week because I just kept feeling not ready. Well, the looming expiration of my A+ next week kicked me into "you have to do it or else!" gear.

I actually don't recommend the flash card book. I barely used it. I mostly got it so my friend could randomly blurt out random questions during our skype conversations without her needing to be trained in networking herself. It is definitely geared toward someone already having at least 1-2 years in networking up their sleeve. Or maybe flash cards aren't my thing. The study guide was very useful. I took in-depth notes while reading it. I heavily abused the few practice exams you can access from buying the book. Professor Messer was definitely useful for me in the binary math and hexadecimal and other math related things. I just wasn't getting the mathy aspects from the book like I did with the videos. Probably just my style of learning. This past week I cleared my calendar as much as possible and just bunkered down and studied up until 10 minutes prior the exam. Someone once advised me that "subnetting is hard until something just clicks in your brain" and I felt like I literally had that moment sitting in the car waiting for my official exam time and doing very last minute review.

This forum actually helped me in a couple ways. One, I ended up knowing to expect the performance stuff first. Two, although it sucks to fail, the surge of failed attempts made me realize I definitely needed to be serious. Lastly, Flag for review was my best friend and I used every last second to do the exam. So thanks to the ones I picked up this info from!


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    congrats on the pass. Let us know how your job search goes.

    I curious about what people can land with just a net+.
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    Congrats Walle! I'll have to check out Messer's subnetting vids, as I feel like it hasn't quite clicked for me yet. What's next?
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    Russ5813 wrote: »
    Congrats Walle! I'll have to check out Messer's subnetting vids, as I feel like it hasn't quite clicked for me yet. What's next?

    Thanks guys!

    For now, I'm probably just going to pluck away competencies for WGU's MSISA or MSCIA or whatever it's being called now. In hindsight, I probably should have tackled passing Net+ BEFORE starting the curriculum there, but the admissions people were a bit pushy. I would like to go for Linux+ at some point too...
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