Dantes Public Speaking Test - Advice Please!!

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Hey Everybody, I'm taking a Dantes Public Speaking test in a couple weeks. For those of you not familiar, if I pass this test, I won't have to take the college class & will get equivalent college credit.

I've got the official study guide that basically has a ton of example multiple choice questions. The test is part multiple choice & the other part I have to give a 5 minute speech into a recorder. I'm not too worried about the speech portion, but I am wondering if just studying the example test questions will be enough. Anybody ever taken this test? Any advice or insight would be appreciated.


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    The study questions won't be enough. Pick up a college level public speaking book at the library or book store. I wouldn't read it from end to end, but be familiar with the major conecpts, and examples of different types of speeches. Bear in mind its been about eight years since I took mine. You do have to pass both parts to get credit. For the speech part follow the typical persuasion method, introduction, body, summary, conclusion. They give you the topic, and you can make up the facts and figures if you use them.
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    I personally thought the test was pretty easy. I didn't really study, I just looked over a study book for it the day of. The written part tests on principles like timing, articulation, volume, and many other things one would learn in a HS speech class. The other part is a speech that is recorded. The topic is given to you and you have to present an argument. Most of the time, it ends up being some type of persuasive speech and is 3-5 minutes. I'd recommend making an outline before you start recording to organize your thoughts and key points of whatever topic you have to give a speech about. Good luck.
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    I appreciate the feedback from both of you! Anyone else have any experience?

    BTW, after the Public Speaking test I'll be studying for Intro to Law Enforcement Dantes test. No, I'm not going into law enforcement...my advisor told it has a high pass rate and it will count as an elective that I need. Anyone have any experience with that one?
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