Net+ performance base question.

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Hey can anybody describe some pbq so i know what to expect on the exam and not be caught off guard as i failed the net+ exam twice because of those damn pbq. thanks.


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    Im confused. If you have already taken the Net+ twice and failed then you already know what to expect no?

    Or are you asking for a brain **** to cram with?
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    I last took the exam in January, and i did see 2 question that were the same but the rest were different and i spent way too much of my time trying to figure out the rest because it was worded so vaguely, I'm using the pearson vue simulation to try and focus on certain area, and i got a different book, i just want to be point in the right direction. because i'm fine with the wap configuration, and subnetting i just want to know if i would need to configure a switch or a router.
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    You said you failed the network+ exam twice, so I am assuming you already know the types of questions that were asked. Don't expect the questions to be the same each time you take the exam, that's why you need to study all the topics that are addressed on the test. I recommend you download the exam objectives from CompTIA's website and go through the bullet points to make sure you know the information that will be on the test.

    As for configuring routers and switches, if I remember correctly you don't have to do much configuring since it's mostly theoretical. Most of the simulation questions should be drag and drop on this test so you don't have to memorize any kind of router/switch commands that you would see on a Cisco test.
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    I won't be sitting to take this exam until June as that is when I am starting back up at WGU. But it is my understanding that you need to memorize a lot. Ports vs Protocols, topologies, cable types with corresponding mode/distances. As Boxxer stated, your best bet is to go through the exam objectives. You already know the way the questions are presented. And you will likely have at least a few repeat questions. However there is a very large bank of testing questions that you randomly get. So you will get a lot of new ones.

    Here is a video that talks about pbqs in regards to the Security+ however I imagine they are similar for all of the Comptia exam questions.
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    I'm pretty sure you can get a performance based question wrong and still pass the exam.
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    I'm not going to discuss anything that breaks CompTIA NDA, but I will say that the Performance Based Questions aren't really a big deal. Actually, I think they were easier than the Multiple Choice ones. It's been over 4 years since I took it so they may have gotten more difficult but if you study hard enough you'll be fine. Try some practice tests from Transcender or MeasureUp and you'll be ok.
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    the performance based questions are definitely odd and the real problem is trying to figure out what they are asking. With that said, the technology commands or changes you have to make are easy. It's no where as difficult as taking the ccna or ccna security exams
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    If you are willing to spend a bit, MeasureUps is an excellent practice question resource that describes each answer in detail from multiple choice and performance based. They are designed to be harder than the actual test so if you can pass them you are well on your way.

    Don't fix yourself on those questions straight away, leave them till last. I got caught off guard when my 005 started with 5 pbq's and I was like whaaa? Just skip them and come back to them later when you have managed your time. Plus if you have done well with the multiple choice questions you don't necessarily have to pass all the pbq's...
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