New Company But Interested in An Opening

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I just started a new job as a net engineer. I have been searching the company intranet and see a management position I am more than qualified for. Would it be wise to apply? I don't want to give off the impression that I'm looking else where after only a month of being there but at the same time I am qualified for the position. Any suggestions?


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    Most companies have policies that you need to be in your position for a year before you can apply for other positions within the company. Chances are your new company is no different. One of the reasons I have the position I have now is another qualified person in the IT department wanted the job, but he wasn't allowed to apply because he wasn't in his position for a year. He was a contractor for the company for several years, but just recently got acquired as a employee when the new position opened up.
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    Many larger/mature companies will definitely have some time-in-grade equivalent that will constrain you for some time to whatever role you signed up for. Even in the absence of this limitation, I would be a little reluctant to make a move so quick.
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