Sec+ now what next?

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Im debating on what to do next, but I wanted to see what other people have done after sec+. My main goal is Infosec, but I have no infosec experience. right now I am studying Linux... (I love it and the Terminal gets more done then with windows). Another reason im studying Linux is because I want to eventually learn Kali. Right now im learning Ubuntu.... I have heard and I went through the forum since im new.... to see what other people have said, and one thing stood out to me. One user said "You have to know how things work before you can protect it." So this is the track im thinking of going...


That is my temp plan... I am still learning but that is the end goal for me right now.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Skip CEH unless you want it as a resume booster. Also download free versions of things like Nessus, Splunk, etc and get good with them.
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    Hey, I'm in the same boat as well. I'm going for my CCNA. I'm going for Linux+ after my CCNA.
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    CEH and Sec+ are very closely related. So I would say do CEH next. Since it's similar studying for it should be a breeze. Also download and run a Kali VM. Setup a mini network on virtualbox and pentest it with Kali. I would also use aircrack and hack your own wifi network.
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