Exam 70-410!

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In a few weeks I give up my exam 70-410, and I'm using CBT Nugget. Is recommended. I have experience with graphical environment but very little with the command interface and PowerShell 4.0.



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    The Microsoft server exams are difficult. Unless you have extensive experience you might want to reschedule and push it out as far as you can and do some lab work, Microsoft virtual academy and Microsoft technet studies before you test.
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    You need to be good with powershell for this exam.
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    As prepared as you think you are for the exam, you'll be surprised. As MHTHECH says, know your PowerShell, DNS and HV as well as everything else. You'll have 150 minutes for 47 questions. It flies by fast.
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    well yes and no.... I have to agree the exam is hard i have failed 3 times on it. Every time I have taken it i had a few powershell questions. they were command questions like how to install software and stuff.

    I suggest other month or something to make sure. That's what i'm planning to do myself. just don't be scared it's just a exam ... that's what I started telling myself.
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    Study Powershell and Command Prompt very well before you take the exam. It will be very hard to pass without a decent knowledge of both! One thing I do while studying is learn a task in the GUI first and then learn how to do it in Command Prompt and Powershell. I'll make a single change in Powershell or Command Prompt and then look at the GUI to see how it was affected. Seriously, not to scare you, but make sure you're VERY comfortable with them before you take the exam. Especially Powershell!
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    Do you guys suggest learning the powershell commands once, and then drill cmds from all topics at the end when all the material's learned?

    I feel that I may forget certain commands when theres so much other theory to learn.
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    Cisco Inferno, the way I study is by finding an objective and learning it in the GUI first and then immediately afterward I do it in Powershell. I then "tear it down" and build it again and again. I also keep notes of Powershell commands and what they do and study that from time to time. The best way I've found to remember the Powershell commands is to make one change at a time in Powershell and then look at the GUI to see what specifically has changed.
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